New Business sparring session

As a manager or entrepreneur, you never have all the knowledge or creative ideas standing by. An outsider’s opinion is always useful to challenge preconceptions and question important decisions. That is why I offer my extensive knowledge to spar about your new business strategy and/or the marketing that comes with it.

The companies that use this service love self-reflection and dare to ask themselves questions like:

  • Do I get the most return from the way I have organized my sales process?
  • Do I have the right people in the right place?
  • Are my marketing and sales department in sync?
  • Does my marketing strategy best suit my target group and my sales team?

How does a session work?

We start with an "intake" in which we discuss the history of the company, the key people and why they are in that position, the customers and the challenges the company faces. Knowledge, experiences and creative ideas are shared based on your input.

The session can be strictly with management however, experience has shown that involving sales team members can produce very positive and surprising results.

NB. If desired, the strategy or part of it can be implemented by me. See also: Interim Sales Service.

The investment

The investement for half a day is €2000,- and for a full day €3500,-. Price is without any travel expenses.