It would be an honour if you chose me as your coach. I only have one very important condition;
only use my service if you feel the internal need! Don't do be coached by anyone because your manager wants it or if you are feeling pushed by your environment. The motivation must come from within.


If you want to hire me to be your business mediator, I have one requirement; mail me and put the other party in the cc. It must be clear to both parties from the start what has been communicated. My email address is:


  1. The sales team manager participates in the entire Always New Business training program. If the (commercial) director is the manager, they will participate. 
  2. Each trainee is ‘screened’ according to step 1 to see if they are ready to participate in the Always New Business training program.
  3. After step 1 we will discuss whether the next steps will be continued.
  4. No steps are skipped in the Always New Business training program. It is therefore not possible to start at step 2. The client can, however, determine which type of training they want to use.
  5. The program is suitable for sales teams with at least 3 team members and has a starting investment from
    €10,000. This investment can be higher depending on the duration, the size of the group and the services that might be purchased.
  6. 50% of the agreed amount is paid before the start of the training program, 50% upon completion.

The following applies to all the services that I offer:

I do not negotiate about the conditions nor about the investments stated on my website and in customized offers. However, I always deliver results!