Business mediation

In general, the reason to start mediation is a conflict between two or more parties. An independent "third party" can act as a bridge-builder and looks at the situation with an open mind. I play that role in a conflict (or difference of opinion) between:

  • employer and employee
  • management and investors
  • manager and team member
  • shareholders 
  • client and supplier

Through various experiences from my past (both negative and positive), I know the emotions that come with business conflicts. That is my motivation for using my experience to help everyone who needs it.

If you want to approach me as a business mediator, I request that you describe the situation and mail it to me at: It is important that you put the other party in the cc. It must be clear to both parties from the start what has been communicated.

The investment in a session of 1.5 hours is €250.
If more time is needed, it will not be an issue. For each extra 30 minutes, I charge €60.